OPENED DOORS - Cocktail Ball

Saturday 5th August

Government House Ballroom

For one night only prominent community leaders across Perth will attend the Esther Foundation’s major annual event in support of the inspiring and courageous West Australian young women whom are making great advances to change their lives from very dark circumstances to a life of renewed hope, strength and promise through the work at The Esther Foundation. The ‘Opened Doors’ themed ball will be an impressive humanitarian event, incredibly inspirational and unique that will celebrate the success and successes of the independent health and development facility.

The Esther Foundation’s Cocktail Ball will be held on Saturday 5 th August at the prestigious Government House Ballroom. The Opened Doors Cocktail Ball will be a wonder-filled event, focusing on raising awareness of the significant work Esther facilitates and raising the much needed funds to continue the non-profit Foundation’s health development and leadership programs. The entire evening will be bought to you through many avenues with the talents and aspirations of the Esther participants themselves.

Catering will be of the utmost excellence with Creative Catering, the music of the night exceptional and world class, life changing stories and a huge array of live and silent auction items will all be present on this one big night plus much much more. The Esther Foundation continues to be Australia’s largest facility of its kind. Offering a fulltime residential health, development and leadership programme where lives once left destitute and broken are restored and healed. New life, new hope through opened doors becomes very much a reality and the precious young women begin to thrive. Currently Esther has 60 young women and children in their care overcoming crisis.

All proceeds raised from The OPENED DOORS Cocktail Ball will go towards the programs that support those in the Esther Programme. These essential funds will help rebuild and restore the lives of the women and children whilst ensuring the continued success of the organisation.

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  • 1 Guest $190
  • Party of 2 $380
  • Party of 4 $760
  • Party of 6 $1140
  • Party of 8 $1520
  • Party of 10 $1800 ( $100 savings)
  • Party of 20 - $3600 ( $200 savings)

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