About us

About us

The Esther Foundation facilitates an extensive and award winning young woman’s residential recovery and empowerment program which is now based in Kalamunda. The program provides intensive support for young women to be able to overcome life controlling struggles and issues in a safe, structured and supportive environment.

The holistic recovery program aims to educate, empower and enrich young women with self-worth, employment skills and the confidence to lead successful lives within the community.  The Foundation is currently providing residential accommodation for approximately 30 young women, mothers and their children.

The Esther Foundation Inc. is a charitable, non-for-profit organisation which provides excellent support to the wider community.  The broadly structured program facilitates specific group and individual counselling to help manage socially prevalent issues and concerns faced by young women including substance abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, domestic violence, mental health, pregnancy and self-harm, family breakdown, depression and eating disorders.  Much needed support is received from the corporate sector, public and private donations to deliver this essential community service to the young women of Western Australia and beyond. The Foundation and its programs have been recognised with many awards at a local, state and national level.

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