Vision & Values

Our Vision

To see every life in the Foundation transformed and committed to life-long growth.

We believe that true transformation begins from the inside out. This also holds true when we look at our Organisation, for which corporate and cultural transformation commenced in 2019 and led us into our next season. We see our Vision as being all encompassing and a model of leading by example; from members of the Board, to our Senior Leadership, to Staff and Volunteers.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young".
- Henry Ford




Our Values

Culture and behaviour ultimately drive outcomes. Vision and Values shape culture.

Our Organisational culture is based on Six Key Values that guide how we do what we do:


i. We are committed to learning and helping each other grow

ii. We develop positive relationships with others

iii. We demonstrate the ability to be transparent and honest with each other


i. We acknowledge the authorities both within the organization and those we report to

ii. We take ownership of our shortfalls and move towards personal growth


i. We recognize the personal, spiritual, emotional, and cultural needs of each individual

ii. We model the behaviours that align to the organizational values and beliefs

i.We have the courage to speak up and act according to what is right

ii.Our actions reflect sound judgement and self-discipline


i. We demonstrate servant leadership and show genuine care for others

ii. We serve the people in line with the foundation's policies and procedures


i. We act in each other's best interest for the wellbeing of the whole community

ii. We balance heart with wisdom for the optimal growth of each individual

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