Our history

Organisational History

We have been helping young women break free from crippling life struggles for 25+ years. Our humble beginnings started back in 1995 with a very small group of passionate people who had a huge heart to help others. Born out of a local inner-city church in Perth called "New Day Ministries" (now called "Without Walls" - see their history), the then "Esther House" was just a single house in South Perth meeting one need at a time, starting with with 4 - 5 residents at that time.

Organisational history is foundational

With the right heart and mindset, an organisation can thrive and grow over a long period of time. This is one of the main reasons the program delivers the results we see in the lives of young women today and why time & history have played such a crucial role in how the program works.

    Heart & Faith:

    The founders of the "Esther House" were a small group of people who cared, were passionate, mission-focused and operated with Christ-centred principles. These cultural components remain as part of our core values still today.

    When people visit the Esther Foundation today, they often remark on "how the place feels". The undercurrent within our community of vulnerable yet strong, authentic and loving people is often tangibly felt by people, which is a key differentiation between us and similar organisations operating out of different values.

    Time & Experience:

    Time and experience have taught us what to do, and more crucially, what not to do.  Continually learning and adapting are essential components of the factors that have developed and matured the Esther Foundation into what it is today.

    The ingredients to our formula of success thus far include:

    • time & experience
    • learning & endurance
    • industry mastery
    • organisational maturity
    • challenge & triumph
    • capturing "the hero's journey" in having our girls share their stories in a variety of settings 
    • constant program improvements
    • organic community development
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