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Looking for our Wish List?

Giving is a gift in itself. Donors have been asking us to bring our Wish List back, so... we have delivered! We would like to thank those who have been emailing saying they would love to give to our organisation but a wish list would help them determine what to give, specifically.

So, first of all—thank you very much! Here is that wish list for you.

Thank you for making a wish come true.

We have two wish lists for you here. One from our girls, the participants in our program and the other is from our staff and leadership team.

Participant Wish List

The participant wishing well is full of wishes made by girls in the program.

Common wishes here are for items that help our mum'n'bubs in the program. Items such as:

  • prams
  • bassinets
  • mosquito nets for children

Other wishes in this wishing well are to benefit our girls as a group in general. Items such as:

  • educational resources
  • sports equipment
  • bedding
  • fitness equipment
  • and more

See below for an updated Wish List in this categoury and follow us on Facebook.

Leadership Wish List

 Providing our leaders with the right tools is a huge help.

The leadership wishing well is full of wishes for tools that might include:

  • office equipment & furniture
  • kitchen appliances & utensils 
  • storage systems & gardening tools

Humility is not speaking less of one's self. It's speaking of one's self less.

To help us help others, see below for an updated Wish List in this categoury below.

Participant & Leadership Wish Lists

Participant Wish List: 0
  • nope
  • none
  • nada

No wishes at the moment. Thank you for thinking of us. Please check again later :)

Leadership Wish List: 2

  1. Professional 10-Seater Board Room
    Requested by Anina Findling (CEO) to conduct professional Board meetings, host VIP guest meetings and conduct larger workshops. To help with this request, please email reception@estherfoundation.org.au or call 08 6298 0223.


  2. Storage Cupboard for the Esther Cafe
    Requested by Lee Reed (Operations Assistant Manager) to help manage and store common items at our cafe in order to minimise clutter, risk and improve systems. To help with this request, please email cafe@estherfoundation.org.au or call 0413 536 933.

NOTE: If you are able to fulfil a wish here, please email us with:

  • your first and last name 
  • your best contact number, and
  • 2 - 3 photos of the item/s

For productivity, this will help us connect you with the right person and decide next steps. Thank you.

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