Make restoration your business

All partnerships with the Esther Foundation are an opportunity to show Australia how you are making the task of "Restoring lives in need" a part of your business.  Be proud of the fact that you are having a significant impact in the arena of Social Responsibility!

It is also a show of commitment to improving the wellbeing of thousands of Australian mums, daughters and sisters in Western Australia and beyond.

Our 2019/2020 AGM Report is a great starting point to see how our vision, values and objectives might align with yours.

Partnerships on offer

  • Event partnerships
  • Financial partnerships
  • Fundraising and Campaign partnerships
  • Would you like to discuss other partnerships possiblities? Click on the link below to begin your unique partnership journey. 

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Partner in Focus

Throwback to 2015, the Esther Foundation's basketball team hit the court running when they took part in Halftime with Hawaiian at the Perth Wildcats semi-final against Cairns Taipans, thanks to Hawaiian.

Event partnerships

Event partners play a critical role in the area of growth and engagement, creating experiences that bring people on a journey to support a great cause. Here's a shortlist of some items that event partners may help with:

  1. Event space
  2. Event promotion and ticketing
  3. Event staff
  4. Event cost contribution

 partner with OUR 2021 BASKETBALL TEAM!

Financial Partnerships

Our financial partners provide financial support through their organisation or as individuals. Their generosity helps bridge the gap between those with a heart and resources to help and those who need it most. Here's a shortlist of some items that financial partners could help with:

  1. Provide financial support through one-off or regular giving opportunities
  2. Support the cost of an event
  3. Offset the costs of the Foundations' operations through a contribution
  4. Provide financial support through a mutual agreement in return for a service

partner with OUR 5th of June 2021 HIGH TEA  

Fundraising and Campaign Partnerships

Our fundraising and campaign partners provide exceptional value through their merchandise, products and services. They are individuals or corporates with values that are aligned with ours, creating an opportunity to deliver greater impact. Here's a shortlist of some items that fundraising and campaign partners may help with:

  1. Develop networks for event and financial partners
  2. Provide merchandise, products and/or services at cost
  3. Advertise and promote fundraisers and campaigns through various channels
  4. Provide pro-bono services and/or volunteer support

Do you have an idea for an Esther Foundation Fundraiser? We'd love to invite you up to our Cafe in the Kalamunda hills for a coffee and chat.


Our Foundation Partners

Partnerships valued over $50,000

Birthed out of an intimate knowledge of the challenges at origin and a desire to create a great community for all those we’re involved with, Five Senses’ driving purpose is to impact people positively through coffee. We strive to grasp these opportunities that allow us to impact across each set of hands in the journey of specialty coffee; from producers to our own staff, our family of cafe owners and baristas to the coffee loving community that nurtures them. We have been proudly supporting the Esther Foundation by supplying free coffee and training to the Esther Café in Kalamunda since their opening in 2018 and look forward to continuing to work together for good!

At Worldwide, we design, print and deliver over 40 million products to customers nationally, making us one of Australia’s leading printing companies. We’re grateful to be in a position that sees us able to support organisations like the Esther foundation. We’ve enjoyed watching the foundation champion their mission over the years, keeping focussed on their goal of educating and empowering young women through a holistic residential recovery and reintegration program. We’re excited to see what’s next in store for the Esther Foundation and the community they support.


Our Companion Partners

Partners giving AUD $1,000 - $2,000 per month

Hawaiian is a property company with a difference. With an evolving portfolio across the commercial, retail, hospitality and land development markets, Hawaiian, owns and manages ten shopping centres across the Perth metro area, three St Georges Terrace office towers, hospitality locations - including the world-renowned Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa in Broome - and investment into land projects Australia-wide. Giving back to the community is our focus at Hawaiian which we integrate into the company’s business model to make a difference to the people in and around our communities

The Tribute Coffee + Kitchen is a boutique suburban cafe, passionate about enriching customer’s lives through beautiful food, exceptional coffee and genuine service. We have created a warm and inviting environment where people come to share their stories, strengthen relationships and build community. The Tribute is central to the local community and has become a place that people call home.


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