Our Six Program Stages

Your Recovery matters!

Our Program aims to educate, encourage and empower young women through a holistic residential recovery and reintegration program.

The below Six Stages have been established, tried, tested and continuously refined over our 25+ years of experience helping young women from crisis backgrounds.  The countless testimonials of transformed lives attest to the fact that this Program works! 

We often get asked how long Girls typically stay in our Program, to which we reply that the average length of stay is approximately 18 months in total.  The timeframes stated in each Stage below are considered to be the minimum length of time spent at each Stage, and will vary according to the progress and unique journey of each individual.

STAGE 1 | COMMUNITY (1 month+)

  • Settle in and learn to live with a Community that's committed to helping you work through all aspects of your unique journey.
  • Detox as necessary and get used to regular drug testing in an atmosphere of support and accountability.
  • Get assessments and assistance from our team of professionals.
  • Begin looking at your journey and the factors that might have led you here.
  • Get assigned a "Buddy" (a fellow Participant at leadership Stages) to help mentor you through the adjustment period.

STAGE 2 | RECOVERY (1 month+)

  • Start supported family phone conversations every week and family visits every fortnight as appropriate.
  • Receive ongoing professional assistance in recovering from addictions and trauma.
  • Engage in individual and group training sessions and learn from others.

STAGE 3 | GROWTH (4 months+)

  • Unlock the path to Personal Development and Training and actively engage in all aspects of the Program.
  • Develop improved skills in communication, self-discipline, goal setting, accountability and taking ownership.
  • Start to develop employment skills at one of our Social Enterprises while being trained and mentored.

STAGE 4 | MATURITY (4 months+)

  • Unlock the path to Certified Training Courses and Accreditation, including various Internship opportunities.
  • Start to build a "personal portfolio of evidence and competencies" towards your Resume for when you graduate.
  • Work through deeper issues of life and relationships.
  • Unlock privileges and opportunities at various stages of maturity and development.

STAGE 5 | LEADERSHIP (6 months+)

  • Develop leadership skills through work, Training and Community life leadership experience.

  • Mentor a new Participant.

  • Create your own Personal growth plan and become increasingly independent towards achieving your future goals.

  • Strengthen relationships outside the Esther Community that will help prevent relapse after integration.

STAGE 6 / INTEGRATION (2 months+)

  • Prepare to graduate from the Program and slowly integrate back into life outside of Esther.
  • Formulate the keys to build your own future (ie. managing finances, buying a vehicle, etc).
  • Share your personal breakthroughs with your family and friends.


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