Our Staff

Meet our dedicated Staff 

Our staff are the glue that holds everything together. They are committed, hardworking and compassionate. Many of our team members are "Esther Girls" who have graduated the program and are living proof of its success. As frontline staff, their life experience is supported by professionally qualified managers, and together they provide a holistic program providing our participants with every opportunity to achieve full, rich lives.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how"

  • Department Overview

    Programs & Services is where the restoration & recovery program takes place and therefore requires the most staff members. If you ever visit our Base in Kalamunda, this is the area in which you find all of our girls engaged in their personal and group recovery journeys. 

    How it works

    In order to keep things running smoothly, implementing a new organisational structure was a key objective leaving 2019 and entering 2020. Given that the Programs & Services Department is the largest, it is comprised of several sub-departments:

    • Programs and Services:
    • Programs and Services Manager, Esther Young
    • Services Admin Coordinator, Anita Payne
    • Shift Leaders, Case Managers, Intern Coordinators, Facilitators & volunteers
    • Education:  Esther School
    • Education Leader, Monique Crabtree
    • Education: VET Certificates & Internships
    • Training and Assessments Coordinator, Fiza Ismail
    • Therapeutic Services:
    • Therapeutic Services Manager, Jan Allan


    • Professional Services:
    • GPs, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors & Family Therapists
    • Pastoral Staff Support:
    • Senior Staff Chaplain, Ann Clews




    A word from our Programs & Services Manager, Esther Young

    I am passionate about developing leadership skills in women and seeing transformation unfold in both our participants and those that join our internship program.

    Being a former intern myself, it is one of my greatest endeavours to make the internship program the best it can be!

    My hope is to see our girls become ignited with inspiration so that they can lead lives of exponential impact!

    As our Vision states, we are truly committed to seeing every life in the Foundation transformed and committed to life-long growth.

    It's not the easiest path—but it is, in my heart, the right one.


  • Department Overview

    The Social Enterprise Sector is our bridge to the Community. It is the avenue in which connectedness is cultivated between our program participants and real people within the community. This is the place where skills are developed, service is delivered and long-term sustainability for the organisation is made possible.

    How it works

    Historically and due to organic growth in the past, the neccesity to create opportunity was a creative process that took flight and has continued to soar over the years. Our Social Enterprise Sector developed among senior leaders of the organisation and mixed with the zest and zeal of program participants who were willing to take an idea and run with it! This started with creative entrepreneurship and gave birth to the planting of 3 social enterprises:

    1. Catergirls 
    2. The Esther Cafe
    3. The Esther Boutique

    Special Thanks

    We wouldn't be able to do what we do as well without our amazing and incredible sponsors, partners and valued volunteers. Thank you to all who make our Social Enterprise possible!

    COVID-19 Social Enterprise Updates

    Catergirls is the only Social Enterprise that was put on hold due to organisational restructuring and the changing of facilities which required new policies. When COVID-19 hit, it was unfortunately necessary for us to put the catering project on ice and focus primarily on business continuity in the context of a downturned economy.

    Our focus now is on increased sustainable growth and improving the Esther Cafe and the Esther Boutique turnover, in addition to key objectives aimed at incremental growth.

    Our Esther Cafe and the Esther Boutique are situated in the same premises, creating the hub of our Social Enterprise experience. The brick and mortar business is primariy run on Esther girl power! Girls are still currentlyin, or who have since graduated the program. Meet the team...

    • Esther Cafe & Esther Boutique
    • Cafe Manager, Lisa Sledzinski
    • Kitchen Manager, Krystle Baran
    • Lead Barista, Tahlia Warby
    • Lead Baker, Lisa Sledzinski
    • ​Line Management
    • Aaron Hines (Operations Manager)


    A word from our previous Cafe Chef, Sarah Pearson

    I have always been passionate about teaching young women basic cooking skills to improve their future employment opportunities. While I was at the Esther Cafe, my dream was to train and equip as many of our girls as possible in hospitality, food preparation and handling, and excellent customer service in order to help ignite their passion for the Food Industry and serving others.

    If I can do it, you can do it. So let me help you do it!

    Sarah Pearson

  • Department Overview

    This Department has been responsible for all of the amazing Events you may have experienced run by the Esther Foundation which include our community High Teas, The Esther Ball, our Art Exhibitions in Perth City and other various Fundraisers such as Fun Runs! Since our move to the Perth Hills and the massive restructuring we've experienced, we have a new, fresh Marketing & Events Team at the helm with some key Objectives for 2021 and beyond.

    In light of COVID-19...

    Due to our organisational restructure happening at such a challenging time as during COVID, we have had to adapt to the challenges presented in nationwide lockdowns and economic downturns. Thankfully, the highlight and silver lining for the Marketing team has been the ability to build the new website, focus on operational improvements, implement improved systems and structures and revitalise our sponsors & partners engagement to better support the work we aim to do going forward. All of this is in preparation for a bigger and brighter future for the Esther Foundation, so watch this space.

    • Operations, Marketing and Events 
    • Operations Manager, Aaron Hines
    • Events Coordinator, Gillian Mackay

    A word from our previous Communications Manager, Jude Young

    With a background in Graphic Design and Marketing, I was blessed to be a part of a creative and passionate team who want to see each participant in the program succeed in their restoration and recovery.

    Having started off as a volunteer in the Cafe as a Coffee Consultant, it was my greatest joy to see the girls develop excitement and joy around learning new skills. The best thing in the world was being able to come alongside them throughout their journey as they shift from a focus on their broken past to now serving in Community.

    There is so much we can learn from them, their resilience is amazing!

    Helping to share their stories of transformation and building connections with others who are like-hearted is something I really enjoyed developing alongside our amazing team.


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