Our Story

The people, purpose and history of the Esther Foundation

Our story is built upon years of faith, a mission and a strong passion to help young women restore their lives and reconcile their families. We see a future where women can be free from abuse, addictions, crime and generations of brokenness, toxic relationships and trauma.

We value honesty and transparency and would like to take the time now to share what we've learned after 26 years of restoration and recovery, here in Australia.

We honour all the faithful people who have contributed so much to Esther over the decades and thank every girl, past, present and future for choosing us. This is for you.

Who we are

The work we do would not be possible without all of the amazing people we are so lucky to have work with us. If you would like to know more about:

  • our board members
  • staff team
  • and sponsors

Please see for more info below.

Where we're from

After 26 years working with young women from all over Australia, we have learnt a thing or two about restoration and recovery. Check out our history below for more.

    Where we're headed

    The way we achieve our purpose of restoring lives is by our vision, mission and values. This is a picture of where we are headed and we are really excited to share that picture with you. If you are at all inspired by what we do and why, please consider getting involved.

    Our Vision

    • The future and direction we are called to
    • The picture we are destined to fulfil

    Our Mission

    • The steps it takes to get there

    • The strategic objectives to fulfil the vision

    Our Values

    • This is who we are as we take each step

    • These are the principles that govern our team culture

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