How we survived COVID-19

Transformation from the inside out 

Jan Allan, Therapeutic Services Manager

With the Esther Foundation transforming from the inside out in so many ways, it has been extremely encouraging to be a part of this amazing professional change. With the further development of our Program, so many Girls have been excited at the changes and said that they have had opportunities to work on deeper heart issues like never before.


Many of the Girls have shared that they like the updated Program content and structure, which was further refined during our "COVID-19 lockdown". They enjoyed the Community worship times and staff-led devotions as these helped to foster a sense of reflection and inclusion. 


What went on for them during this time? 

Many admitted feeling deep truths revealed from learning about boundaries. Girls further explored their strengths and weaknesses and healthy and unhealthy character issues. They expressed increased feelings of safety and security which enabled further exploration of the soul. We introduced more professional, therapeutic and creative options including skyped-in Counsellors, a variety of arts and crafts, fun games, walking and dancing exercises and much more! Choices that enabled the Participants to feel empowered and provide them with opportunities to contribute to their close-knit Community.   

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