Abigail H

Hey, my name is Abigail and I’m 20 and I’m a participant in The Esther Foundation program. When I first heard about the coronavirus and the fact that Esther was going into lockdown, I must admit—I was a little confused and overwhelmed with the many changes that were being made.

After I got over the first week, I came to realise that being in lockdown was actually the best thing for my recovery. I speedily formed friendships with all the other girls. I started communicating and spending time with other participants, of whom I wouldn’t have normally. 

I’m also using this time to smash out study and assignments that have been long overdue. 

There are no distractions or escapes anymore. 

So, I have been forced to step outside my comfort zone, face fears and work through emotions. This season of coronavirus is actually fast-tracking my recovery!

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