Sarah W

I came into the Esther Foundation just before the COVID-19 Lockdown hit the facility and I can honestly say I am so grateful for the start of my recovery to play out how it did.

I was plucked out of actively abusing drugs and put into a place with amazing love and support with all temptation out of my grips. 

Today, I am currently living on huge piece of property with a basketball court, BBQ, gardens etcetera and not stuck between four walls of a tiny room with an uncertain timeframe ahead of me. My human company is far better entertaining as I not only have one or two roommates, but over 20! This also includes their 20+ different personalities.

At times these personalities can be hard (my own included) but it is also the best remedy for a bad mood at the most difficult points—especially during lockdown. 

Now, I am finding that I’m able to utilise the tools given to me to, to help kick-start my recovery and to be humble when I feel like I am losing my balance. I'm more supported, uplifted and loved during this time than I've ever been in my entire life. While being in lockdown and in recovery at the same time isn't anyone's idea of “something they really want to do”, for someone like me, it is something I need 
to do. 

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