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Recovery, restoration and healing

The Esther Foundation facilitates a holistic, residential recovery program for women struggling with alcohol and/or substance related issues. Since the 1990's, hundreds of young Australian women have come through our doors and been able to be set free from addictions and abuse through a focused approach on healing deep personal traumas.

Are you seeking recovery?

Experience has proven that the highest rates of recovery come from those with a strong personal commitment and desire to succeed. The joy that comes from restoration with family and friends far outweighs the challenges of the program. Graduates of our program have also been able to secure employment, and/or further their education to do what they are passionate about.

If you are seeking to experience this kind of freedom, the first step is to book an assessment with the Esther Foundation.

What to expect?

  1. Assessments are conducted in a safe and private environment with no preconceived expectations or judgements. Your privacy is our priority.
  2. Once you have successfuly completed the assessment, our Services Admin Coordinator will arrange for your induction and organize any necessary paperwork.
  3. Centrelink deductions can contribute directly to your residential fees.
  4. On entry you will be asked to complete a wellbeing survey which will remain confidential, allowing us to record anonymous data on the wellbeing outcomes of our participants at various stages throughout their recovery journeys.
  5. From the assessment, all information gathered will be used to support and tailor an approach that is uniquely tailored for you.

  6. The Esther Foundation is a strictly alcohol free, illicit substance free, non-smoking facility. This is to ensure there are no triggers that could set you back from your successful recovery.

  7. Our 6-stage program will be outlined to you, with very clear guidelines as to how you can progress and unlock the next stage of the program.

  8. When you have reached a certain stage in the program, you may unlock privileges for study and work experience.

Book an Assessment today TO start your journey of recovery

Source: Independent Research Survey by Good Measure Consulting using the internationally accredited Huber Social Wellbeing Framework - June/July 2020

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