Recognised Active Learning

Recognised active learning (everyone) 

“We grow through what we go through” 

Experience is the greatest teacher of all. As a holistic residential recovery and reintegration program, we recognise the value of education. We believe people should be taught how to think, not what to think.  

We see our Girls learning in their day to day activities and we recognise the importance of capturing their experience in the act. That is why we help our Girls to track and trace their learning journey as they grow through the Program. 

What is active learning? 
As Participants advance in the Program and begin to resolve a lot of their past trauma, their life going forward and the action plans discovering who they were designed to be becomes clearer. 

Their ability to focus on personal and professional development increases. As Participants advance in their abilities to manage difficult conversations, recognise emotional triggers, lead others, establish healthy boundaries, practise humility, apologise to and forgive others, they begin to gain freedom. 

Active learning is recognising this growth and capturing it along the way through reflection and Case Management. This way, Participants are able to track their personal growth throughout the Program. 

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