Youth Education

Educating young women in a holistic restoration & recovery program

Since the beginning of 2020, The Esther Foundation has been pleased to partner with the Australian Christian College (ACC) (Southlands in Albany) to provide a structured online distance education Program for our youth aged participants (Year 7–12 students).

Education is integral to every participant's journey towards a bright future.

We are most grateful for ACC's generous support and adaptable resources to formulate our unique educational environment within a holistic program of restoration & recovery.

The Esther School

Our students are enrolled in a modified school Program which we informally call "The Esther School".

This three-day-per-week educational format accommodates their unique educational needs as part of their participation in our holisitic development Program. A unique aspect of our School is the opportunity for students to grow in a trauma-informed learning environment. Our ultimate goal is to see every Girl thrive to the best of their abilities through our essential support team of dedicated educators.

Esther School Prospectus

To learn more about the Esther School, see our Esther School student handbook.

Student Handbook


What we provide in youth education

At the Esther School we are proud to be able to support all High School students with: 

  1. An individualised education plan suited to their individual abilities and educational backgrounds

  2. Focused NAPLAN (Year 7 & 9) test preparation and completion

  3. Preparation and completion of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) 

  4. Preparation and completion of WACE curriculum

Hope for the future

Successfully passing the OLNA opens doors to even greater educational opportunities for our students, many of whom then go on to study at other Colleges or Universities after graduating from our Program.



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