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Proving Social Impact

The Esther Foundation has partnered with world-class experts, Huber Social, to develop an impact measurement framework centred around wellbeing, to measure the difference we are making in our girls' lives. At The Esther Foundation, we now have statistically significant data that supports years of anecdotal evidence and testimony we've received from our girls.

    Putting numbers to the stories

    Measuring wellbeing with this framework has allowed us to understand statistically, why our girls see the kinds of results they do and which areas of their lives are impacted most. Click the button to see our Social Impact Performance Report in full.

    Full report

    Who is Huber Social

    Huber Social's mission is to direct resources to have the greatest impact and leave no one behind. To achieve this, they measure social impact through a common yardstick; measuring progress in terms of overall Wellbeing and identifying priority needs.

    This was a key aspect for partnering with Huber Social Consultants, because we too, wanted to know tangibly, how we were making a difference to the lives of our girls.

      Huber Social's Framework

      Using a standardised process, Huber Social establish a measurement system, collect data from the people directly impacted and employ statistical analysis to identify a shift in Wellbeing and the relative weighted needs of people to maximise this.

      Huber Social Impact Measurement achieves the following:

      1. Measures Progress Overall:
        Through measuring overall Wellbeing, we account for both the negative and positive changes occurring. Identifying the contribution of the program and the specific outcomes achieved.
      2. Comparable:
        The ability to compare across programs/products fairly, so that we can direct resources to have the greatest impact.
      3. Actionable:
        Provides a data driven profile of the needs of people impacted to inform decision making across program/product design, delivery and ongoing performance.
      4. Independence:
        Independent third-party assessment of your social impact that can be audited against a standard. Providing at least the same level of integrity as trusted financial assessments.

      If you would like to know more about Huber Social, feel free to visit their website. If you would like to know more about how Huber Social's framework has helped our organisation, feel free to email:

      Supporting Documents

      See links to download the supporting documents:

        Huber Social Consultants

        Huber Social has consultants operating from Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. You can contact our local Perth Huber Social Consultant, Sarah Tan, here.

        A word from our consultant

        "In 2020, The Esther Foundation contacted us to see if we could help with measuring the impact of their program. They had many success stories of transformed lives, and wanted to put the numbers behind the anecdotal evidence to prove that their program works and to understand why it has been so successful.

        We established a measurement system and collected data from current participants and past graduates to give us insight into how participants' Wellbeing improves over the course of the program, and how this impact is sustained beyond graduation. Our results were also able to show the areas of biggest impact and areas of greatest need for the girls, to assist The Esther Foundation to continue to develop their program further."

        We are pleased to present these results, and look forward to an ongoing partnership with The Esther Foundation to track participants' progress over time and to continue to strengthen these findings.

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