Sarah Pearson

Sarah Pearson

If there was a 6th love language, it would be "feeding people", and I'd be absolutely fluent in it!

  • Role/Position: Café Kitchen Manager 
  • What's your favourite movie: Oceans 8 
  • What's one thing you would take to a deserted island: A food-truck 
  • What's your favourite drink: Long black with cream

My Journey at Esther

I came into Esther with a 15-year methamphetamines habit, back in August 2017. My journey has been challenging but worth every second. Esther gave me hope in myself again and opened up opportunities I never believed could happen. Esther is a great foundation that changes lives. I am now clean and sober more than 2 years in, have graduated the program and am happy to serve you amazing food at The Esther Cafe.

  • What's your favourite quote:

“Don’t let evil conquer you but overcome evil by doing good” 

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