About Us

The Esther Foundation facilitates an extensive and award winning residential young women's health, development and leadership program currently housing more than sixty women and their children.

The program is full-time and offers intensive support and assistance to young women in a safe and structured environment.

The broadly structured program facilitates specific group and individual counselling for the following issues and concerns faced by young women:

  • substance abuse
  • sexual and emotional abuse
  • domestic violence
  • mental health
  • teenage pregnancy
  • self harming
  • eating disorders
  • family breakdown
  • depression

The program offers:

  • a safe and structured residential environment
  • extensive life-skills training
  • independent living classes [budgeting, cooking, cleaning etc.]
  • counselling for overcoming sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • reconciliation of relationships for mother, child, parents and other family members
  • drug, alcohol and other addictive behaviour therapy
  • extensive recreation and activities program
  • association basketball side
  • triathlon team
  • south-west camps
  • TAFE and Curriculum Council approved education program an extensive creative arts and music
  • community focussed activities
  • 24 hour staff support
  • mentorship program
  • leadership training and development
  • mothers group and skills development
  • employment support and opportunities
  • oureach support for families of program participants
  • certificate courses delivered to participants and graduates of program delivered from TAFE and ACAS
  • workplace training provided in hospitality, events and community services
  • program graduation certificate
  • diploma courses available to program graduates and volunteers
  • independent living support and skills

* The Esther Foundation and its extensive women's health and development program has previously been known as Esther House and Esther-Elizabeth House; prior to The Esther Foundation being incorporated in 2006.

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