What would it mean for you to become one of the Friends of Esther?

Simply, becoming part of our organisation means you are standing up for the young women of our city. You’ll be helping to create opportunities where there were none. You will be helping to heal, where cures were hard to find. And you’ll be providing a safe, secure environment so that the precious young women at the Esther Foundation can move from crisis to restoration, with new hope and a strong future.

With your support, Esther may even be able to grow a little over time, and be able to embrace an even larger group of young women whose quality of life will blossom with a little more education, mentoring, support and opportunity.

For many of these young women, there is no alternative to Esther. There is nowhere else for them to turn.
Your $50 per year donation to the Friends of Esther will help to ensure that we remain the thing they need the most: a friend they can count on.
Your donation will go directly to supporting these young women with their everyday needs.

Friends of Esther understand the value of relationships and, if you decide you’d like to join us, we’d love to invite you to our quarterly catch-ups at The Esther Café. These catch-ups are great opportunities for us to get to know our friends more, and also to get their feedback on what we do, how we do it, and what we may be able to improve.
As Director, I’d love to spend some time with you, and I’d also love to introduce you to our wonderful staff and some of the girls who will be benefiting from your kindness.

A calendar of upcoming events, like monthly updates and quarterly catch-ups, will be circulated to enable you to diarize any dates you’d like to attend. We’ll also keep you posted about the achievements of the girls in our program, and share with you some of the testimonials they have written about their progress at Esther.

Perhaps you also know someone else who would like to become one of the Friends of Esther? From time to time we’ll update you with a list of ways you, or anyone else you know, will be able to volunteer to help. If you know of anyone who would be kind enough to make a donation, please tell them about Esther, the work we do and the young people who will benefit from their generosity.

Some of the stories at Esther are simply heart-wrenching. But the emotions of those stories can’t be compared with the incredibly joyous sight of young women turning their lives around, conquering their circumstances, graduating from our programme and becoming the people they previously could only dream of being.

It is those moments that reaffirm just how important it is that the Friends of Esther exist, and how thankful we are for each and every one of them.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better, and thanks for being a part of the Friends of Esther.

Executive Director


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Option 2: Become a Friend of Esther for a year only.
This option will not automatically renew your membership each year, and will only take a single once-off payment of $50.

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