The Esther Foundation facilitates group therapy each weekday morning that focus on and include the following issues, tasks and lifeskill development;

  •  substance abuse issues
  •  journaling
  •  family relationships
  •  co-dependencies
  •  boundaries
  •  recovery
  •  anger management
  •  communication
  •  high risk behaviours
  •  lifeskill
  •  budgeting
  •  community
  •  self esteem
  •  well being

In addition to this, all participants must meet mentoring and one to one counselling obligations each week within the programme structure; facilitated by trained staff and volunteers that draw from many professional fields of work, that include psychology, nursing, pastoral care and counselling.

Other specific group therapy available include ;

  •  Mothers Group
  •  Sexual Abuse Counseling
  •  Living Successfully in the Community
  •  Healing and Forgiveness
  •  Basic Life Principles

The  program offers: 

  •  a safe and structured residential environment
  •  extensive life-skills training
  •  independent living classes [budgeting, cooking, cleaning etc.]
  •  counseling for overcoming sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  •  reconciliation of relationships for mother, child, parents and other family members
  •  drug, alcohol and other addictive behaviour therapy
  •  extensive recreation and activities program
  •  association basketball side
  •  triathlon team
  •  south-west camps
  •  TAFE and Curriculum Council approved education program
  •  an extensive creative arts and music aspect 
  •  community focussed activities
  •  24 hour staff support
  •  mentorship program
  •  leadership training and development
  •  mothers group and skills development
  •  employment support and opportunities
  •  outreach support for families of program participants
  •  certificate courses delivered to participants and graduates of program delivered from TAFE and ACAS
  •  workplace training provided in hospitality, events and community services
  •  program graduation certificate
  •  diploma courses available to program graduates and volunteers
  •  independent living support and skills

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